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Bovec is a small city which lies in the Bovec Basin in the Soča Valley below the Kanin Mountain. It was heavily damaged by many earthquakes however, people have renovated their houses and now the city appears to be lovely touristy location with a well-developed tourist industry.

Several natural sights are included in the Bovec municipality such us the wild nature, mountains, the emerald rivers, the source of the River Soča, the Boka waterfall and many other smaller waterfalls.

Bovec offers plenty of options for active holidays. Water sports are most common here as well as Biking, Mountaineering, Horseback Riding, caving, Soaring, Golf, paragliding, paintball, tennis etc. 

In Bovec are located two of the most important mountain passes in the Julian Alps: the Predil Pass on the border between Slovenia and Italy and the Vršič Pass, which connects the Soča Valley with Upper Sava valley.